Special Needs

 60-90 minutes | all digital images included | 30 minute "get to know you" meeting beforehand | $250

Special needs shoots are exactly that-- special.  With a brother and a brother-in-law with special needs and years of experience working in classrooms with children of all abilities, capturing images of kids that are differently abled has become my heart of hearts.  Catching that brief moment of eye contact, the loving look from a mother who so deeply and sacrificially cares for her child, or the look of achievement on the face of a five year old who has just learned to walk is what makes it so special to me.  I understand that with differing needs sometimes we might need to take long breaks, change plans at the last minute, or we might not get a perfectly posed shot of the whole family. Through it all, I promise to be patient, flexible, understanding, and to capture the love and joy that you all share.

*Special needs pricing is flexible. I understand that there are so many extra costs that come with caring for a child with special needs, so if a lower price-point is what you need, just ask!